IT IS JESUS is a short answer to many of our basic questions. The purpose of life? The one who died for us? Who loves us? Who will care whether we rise or fall? Who rose from the dead?

This Jesus cares about you. And that is what we want you to know. We want you to know that only by his grace you can be saved. This is about Eternity:

  • eternal life (heaven)or
  • eternal death (commonly referred to as hell)

It is crucial for you to decide which side you are on. You can not get to heaven on your own. Each and every one of us is doomed to go to hell, if it were only for our own actions. Lies, adultery and theft are some of the most common in our society. But anything that goes against the commandments of God makes us guilty of judgement.

Jesus, however, paid the price for our guilt. He took the punishment(death) upon himself – this is why he is the center of christianity. The center of this project and the center of this text. Think about your future. Think about your eternity. Where will you spend it?

All it takes is a bit of faith (like the size of a mustard seed), some notion of sin or guilt and the humility to ask God for forgiveness. Don't wait – tomorrow may be to late!

Our Goals

This page is meant to be a platform for Christ centered projects, companies or non profit organisations. We mean to promote and provide information as well as christian resources in any way we can. If you want to contribute please send us a message to the address shown below.

About the Author

This page was created by Simeon Weigel, some Christian from Munich, Germany.