People may seem to have nothing, yet they have, even if not in use, some power. This is where our work starts: let us bring the dorment power up.

This is an upcycling project. We take used Jeans and sow new Bags from the fabric. The goal is to employ the unemployed and give those a new life, that lost their foundation. Everlasting live in Jesus as well as a job to pay for a living in this world is what we want to bring to the people.

Get a Backpack or Purse

You want a special handmade Backpack or Purse, from upcycled Material? Contact simeon@sj4jc.de – also for those who'd rather use whatsapp, signal, telegram or sms: 0(049)1786941589

Looking for a job?

We need you for many pieces in the yet incomplete puzzle of this project. Just contact us over ITISJESUS